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KanVote Call to Action: Governor Brownback

ROLE IN THE PROBLEM: As Governor, Sam Brownback signed the SAFE act into law. Since it has been revealed that 1 in 3 recent voter registrants have had their rights suspended as a result of the SAFE act, Governor Brownback has made no attempt to resolve the crisis. Rather than taking responsibility for the outcome of these provisions that he signed into law, Governor Brownback defers all questions and concerns to the Kansas Secretary of State’s office.

ROLE IN THE SOLUTION: Rather than avoiding accountability, Governor Brownback should assert his leadership in calling on the legislature and Secretary of State Kobach to make every effort to restore the voting rights of Kansans and end this voting crisis.

HIS RESPONSE: While in the statehouse, KanVote called on Governor Brownback to hear from Kansans whose voter rights have been suspended. With nearly 100 Kansans present, KanVote requested a brief audience from Brownback in order to describe to him the impact of the recent challenges to voter registration, and to urge him to apply his leadership to finding a solution.

After being told that he was not available and could not be reached, our group moved to speak with Brownback’s constituent services director. We were told that Governor Brownback has no plans of resolving this voter crisis, and was still deferring all questions and concerns to Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

KanVote leaders take action at Brownback’s office on 9/3

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