Sunflower Community Action

Students United

Students United isn’t a typical youth group or student club.  We’re dedicated to having our voices heard so we can make our schools safer and better.  We want all students to have an equal opportunity to succeed which means college and/or a living-wage career.  We’re known for standing up and fixing problems affecting today’s youth!

Sunflower’s Students United Chapter works for schools that provide college and career preparation for ALL students, create alternatives to suspension & expulsion policies, and fight bullying and discrimination.  Students United also supports adequate funding for public schools and calls for passage of federal DREAM Act legislation that creates a path to college and citizenship for undocumented youth.

What We’ve Done

  • Won a new anonymous reporting system for in-school bullying;
  • Conducted a written survey of 2,600 public high school students to evaluate counseling and career services and used results to promote best practices;


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