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Time to Legalize 11 Million Immigrants

Time to Legalize 11 Million Immigrants

Millions of families have been torn apart because of a patchwork of failed and mismanaged immigration policies. These unjust laws affect many communities in Kansas, and we will continue our fight for a better way. We will participate in a nationwide campaign called “Keeping Families Together” led by FIRM. Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), is a national coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.

Keeping Families Together” will bring attention to the millions of families that have been devastated by our nation’s failed immigration process. It will ensure that these families’ voices echo in the halls of the White House and Congress, as our leaders consider how to fix our broken system. Our goal is to win citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants through legislation, keep immigrant families united and ultimately reaffirm the sanctity of family.

Families from across the country traveled to Washington D.C. to share their stories about how the broken immigration process has impacted their lives. Among the families participating was Isela Rodriguez and her two children, Jesus & Mauricio Alvarez. They will represent Kansas and share their testimonies to motivate policymakers in our state to fix our immigration system.

Isela’s family immigrated to the United States 12 years ago, in search of better economic opportunities. “I did it for my children. I risked my whole life to be able to simply provide food. Do you know how it feels to think you might not be able to provide food for your children the next day?” asked Rodriguez. Isela’s oldest son, Jesus, is a junior at North High School. He plans to attend college upon graduation and major in international business. Mauricio is a sophomore at the same school, and wants to become a personal trainer in the near future.