Japanese Low Dining Table Idea

Japanese Low Dining Table – If you are a fan of watching shows in the 90s, you would probably know the TV series called Oshin.  This Japanese TV series tells the story of the struggle that puts hard work, discipline, and persistence first.

As the Japanese story shows, the culture of the land of Sakura is also taken up in various scenes. Apart from kimono to Japanese-style rooms, we can also see a variety of typical products such as tablets.

A Japanese low table, as we know, has very distinctive sizes. While other tables in general come with a fairly high height, this is not the case for tables from Japan. This table is specially made for users who sit on the floor.

Some then use cushions or even chairs that are specially made so they don’t have legs. In general, the concept of this Japanese low dining table is of sitting on the floor with no chair and cross-legged in Japanese culture.

Until today, this table is widely traded in Indonesia. Developed from the shape of the original table from Japan, often tables like this are made only with a shorter shape this pages.

Japanese Dining Table Collection

In addition to being a space for eating together with the family, the dining room is a means of gathering and spending time with family. One of the important elements in the dining room is the dining table.

One of the most unique dining table models is the Japanese-style dining table. Although short, but with the right design, a table like this will definitely be more attractive.

These products can also be used for cafe businesses to Japanese restaurants that you do. Isn’t it more exciting to be able to eat Japanese food in a room that is also very Japanese? In general, Japanese dining table designs are thicker with the concept of eating while sitting on the floor.

Or a concept wherein it makes use of a seat together without using a chair in general. Enjoying a meal while sitting on the floor, in general, is not something that is too foreign to Indonesians.

Maybe it makes some people interested in applying the same concept to their minimalist dream house. It is just that, matters of equipment and interesting concepts are often a problem. Not a few people find confusion when looking for inspiration for certain dining room design models to apply. This includes an attractive Japanese-style minimalist dining room design.

Norm Architects Blends Japanese And Danish Styles In

norm architects blends japanese and danish styles in [Save Images | Source]

The Use of Your Japanese Dining Table

With a Cushion as a Chair – The concept of a japanese low dining table generally applies a minimalist theme without much furniture. This is also reflected in the minimalist dining room concept, which is generally only equipped with a small, short-legged table with cushions to sit around.

This is because Japanese people have always preferred the concept of sitting on the floor rather than using a chair. The Japanese dining room is not integrated with the kitchen, because they like a minimalist style, usually, a minimalist kitchen design is a home kitchen design in Japan.

There is a table where you will be able to enjoy food and drinks without needing to use a chair, such as the Japanese dining table.

However, to maintain your comfort while sitting on the floor. You can use a pillow when you sit down. This will prevent you from getting into uncomfortable positions or cramps when sitting on the floor for too long.

Unique Japanese Low Table Shou Sugi Ban Cedar Wood Coffee Table

unique japanese low table shou sugi ban cedar wood coffee table [Save Images | Source]

Many of us are sometimes confused about choosing the unique Japanese low table design, here is a model that is so simple and minimalist is suitable for drinking tables. To beautify this table, you can add a carved motif.

Our Favorite Japanese Low Dining Table Height Only On

our favorite japanese low dining table height only on [Save Images | Source]

The of a comfortable and modern living place should be designed with several considerations such as the size of the room, the color that is expected. to inspire the living room with a long wooden chair model on which there is a black sofa. complete with a beautiful pillow.

So that the living room is not dirty, it is better to add a carpet design model whose color is still one with the sofa, so it looks so beautiful to relax with your family.

Japanese style long table with large and wide wood to be able to put books and glass ornaments along with beautiful white flowers.

Modern Japanese Style Floor Wood Table ideas

deal 5pcsset modern japanese style dining table and chair asian floor low solid wood table legs fo [Save Images | Source]

for the purposes of a restaurant, they are accustomed to like the modern Japanese style dining table, the brown color is so dominant the unique wood model.

there are also fruit plates and glasses for fresh flowers on the table. several chairs facing each other can make a family gathering to eat together.

the chair has a hole for decoration and can also function as the latest model.

Japanese Style New Classic Rosewood Hotel Bar Furniture

us 58110 japanese style new classic dining tables rosewood hotel bar home living room low desk solid wood furniture redwood multifunctionlowes [Save Images | Source]

Japanese Dining Furniture Set Design With Low Table

20 japanese dining furniture set design with low table [Save Images | Source]

many models for small or large low dining table designs. This table design idea includes cushions for seating, in several colors such as yellow and white. Many love to sit on cushions to make people comfortable so they can relax longer.

The inspiration for the low dining table design is so suitable for small rooms or narrow corners, I hope this image idea can make the room layout wider.

To add to this room, it looks elegant, you can add brown curtains.

Furniture Low Dining Table Chinese Room Nifty

furniturewinsome low dining table chinese room nifty [Save Images | Source]

Small Furniture Design And Chair

japanese style low dining table and chair Source: 3docean.net

Low Height Dining Table With Pleasing

low dining room table low height dining table with pleasing Source: www.pinterest.com

The existence of tables and chairs has really changed our lifestyle because it includes the invention of the modern era. Finally we use it for various purposes, including for eating. It turns out that our ancestors chose to sit on the floor with their legs crossed while eating.

After being researched internationally, there are actually manu benefits in sitting on the floor and eating with a low dining table.

Sitting in the chair was popularized by Western culture and people in Western countries are notorious for their poor posture compared to the East in ancient times. So sitting on the floor in the correct position will improve your posture, because it will force you to sit up straight without anything supporting your back.

Another benefit of eating with a low dining table is that it will make you more flexible. The position of eating on the floor also ensures that your joints are more flexible.

After practicing this posture regularly, your knee and hip joints will become more resistant to degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis and arthritis, and various forms of injury.

Reese Japanese Low Table

reese japanese low table Source: www.ubyld.com

Japanese Style Dining Large And Beautiful Photos Photo To Inspiration

japanese style dining large and beautiful photos photo to Source: homeemoney.com

Asian Dining Room Photos Furniture Japanese Shop IKEA

asian dining room photos 8 of 32 furniture japanese shop Source: www.projecthamad.org

before you choose home or apartment furniture to fill the room such as the low dining table model, the color is so contrasting between the patterned wooden floor and the rectangular shape of this small table.

white color is so dominant for walls, not TV and pillows as a seat for low dining tables, ornaments and decorations add to the room accessories to look full.

To choose room lights, you can place them on top so that the lighting can be evenly distributed throughout the room.

Peace Desk Folding Table Pavilion Desk Low Table Seat

peace desk folding table pavilion desk low table seat Source: yahoo.aleado.com

Low Table Low Dining Table Old House Thing Retro Wooden

low table low dining table old house thing retro wooden Source: yahoo.aleado.com

Custom Made Folding Table

custom made japanese chabudai a low folding table Source: www.custommade.com

Mod The Sims Design Modern Ts2 Bon Voyage mod the sims japanese low dining table ts2 bon voyage Source: modthesims.info

Low-Level Seating Floor Seating Living Room Japanese low level seatin floor seating living room japanese Source: fi.pinterest.com

Black and white rug to protect the dining table and chairs.

design of a small circular chair with a unique and sturdy backrest.

Furniture Glass Black Design Ikea
unique japanese low coffeedining table furniture tables Source: sg.carousell.com

Diy  Cushions  Inspired Designdiy low dining table and cushions japanese inspired Source: in.pinterest.com

Chabudai Wikipedia chabudai wikipedia Source: en.wikipedia.org

With a Seat Cushion with a Backrest


If you want, you can also choose a seat that resembles a cushioned chair so with a backrest. Adjust based on your needs and functions again. In order not to feel cramped, don’t forget to also consider the size of the table and dining room that will be occupied.

Consider carefully the number of people who will approximately occupy the dining table. Also try to choose a comfortable and soft seat, so that it feels pleasant and comfortable when you sit on it.

For example, with a base that is quite soft and made of foam. So that even when sitting you do not feel tired easily. Even then, the Japanese dining table is always a good choice because of its minimalist style.

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